Learn what You Are Up Against If You Are to Win in The Market.

Hello gentlemen and gentleladies !

Do you know that almost all people lose money in the Stock market in the long run ? The reason is not hard to find out. It is designed to be that way. It is a great inflation fighting tool. Inflation is considered inflation only when the masses amount to something. If you get your infomation about the market from conventional sources, you will lose in the market. It stands to reason that free and easy information especially about something important such as making money, which everybody wants, can't be correct. We are here to give you the information of the secret forces behind the Stock Market that probably no one will give you, even for a price.

The people in-charge of making and moving the market are called Specialists. They sit near and work with the 'floor brokers' of the exchanges. The Specialists are in-charge of about 40 or so stocks in the NY Stock Exchange. The Specialist work for the major shareholders of the companies listed in the stock exchanges. The Specialists do as they are told by these same Shareholders. They do things differently almost every time but their underlying purpose and objective is always the same - to throw you off and take your money. As simple as that.

A stockbroker's advice cannot be trusted due to the conflict in interest involved in his job. You cannot blame him/her for that. The money you lose as a result will be your own. A stockbroker's job is to make money for his brokerage firm and not for you. He is not obigated to tutor you the truth about the stock market. And why should he/she ? They make more money from the big-boys' large trades. The money the big-boys win is necessarily the money small-boys lose. Know what we mean ? It is a money-gobbling machine with no feelings. It gobbles money from the many and transfers it to the few. It does it by playing on your emotions against you. The Stock Market swipes your money like a bully snatches candy off a kid's hands. It can hurt very deeply. Please don't let that happen to you.

Your best off to trust your own knowledge and self at all times, especially when it comes to your money. Therefore, you must know the secrets thoroughly behind the market if you are to win consistently or win at all. No one will tell you the secrets at least for free. The powers-that-be don't want you to know the truth about the stock market.

The Stock Market is also about Psychology and Mind Control. The market makers use every means at their disposal at creating overwhelming sentiments and psy-ops that they wield with maximum robotic precision. The market makers are the proverbal 'House' as in Casinos. Only those who can see through this deception will win.

For example, when the market goes up in the morning, it means one thing and when it goes up near the middle of the day, it means something else and when it goes up at early afternoon, it again, means quite something else.

The masses are in effect, betting against the Specialists. The Specialists, with their own parallel accounts compete with the masses. Please don't ask us why. This is how it happens. And let us not judge why it should or shouldn't be. Your task is to know and win. After all, there has to be a system. Contrary to what people believe, the Stock Exchange does not engage in an aucton market where the highest bidder gets the stock. Rather, it's workings is exactly the opposite. People jump in the market when Specialists raise the price of stock and vice versa. You realize the magnitude of this revelation only when you get to know that the Stock Market where Specialists are the 'Wizard of Oz' pulling the strings behind a facade. Your finding out this is the proverbial 'Dorothy' unmasking the truth towards the end of the movie.

The main objective should be preservation of principal. Next comes profits. You can make money both ways - going up or down, as long as you bet the right way. The hard part is to be consistently right. But to be right, you have to know the dynamics that make the markets move; the secrets behind it. Things you hear in the open about the market is often plum wrong. In fact, they are almost exactly the opposite of what's true.

The stock market is no different from a typical retail and wholesale merchanding operation. Just as in buying in wholesale and selling in retail, such is the work of the Specialists. If you can anchor this in your mind and use it as a rudder, you can navigate the stock market scenario safely and gainfully. As the stock prices are raised by Specialists, they clean up their books in their parallel stock accounts and get rid of their inventory. It's all about profits. The stocks are first sold to the 'favorite pet sons' and then later to the 'sacrificial whipping boys(goats)'. The exact same procedure is repeated in reverse when the stocks are going down. In the latter case selling instead of buying. Please pardon my sarcasm. It is just to denote my intended meanings. You have to be smart to be able to read between the lines. You have to be clever if you want to win in his game. Cleverness and right timing is all you need. If you can time your entrances and exits in your open and closed positions, you have it cracked. Once you decipher this code, it will all be common sense to you. You can then break your emotional habits which are always in conflict with what is really going on.

We lay it all out graphically for you so you clearly understand what we are talking about. Every one has to be an apprentice of any trade if they want to be worth their salt. If not, there would be no need for coaching in schools and colleges. In the stock market, since it's about money, the conflict of interest is so acute, that no one is interested to teach anyone the truth of the market. The more misled in losing, the more the few win. The few want everything and even more.


When the Specialists are advancing prices, they are 'selling short'. The masses jump in like herds. Conversely, when the prices are beng declined, the Specialists are 'covering their shorts'. The masses bale out in herds again. The masses are so predictably game. Again while advancing or declining, it is done keeping in view to maximize the profits for themselves and their bosses, the big guys. That can be seen on the ticker tape for big block activity. The big blocks denote the wholesale pricings of the stock. From there one is able to know what the objectives of the Specialists are. To throw the masses off. From their actions, you can discern the short or long term market tops and bottoms, before they happen.

What happens during the advances and declines is the typical merchanising operation by the Specialists. The Specialists also work in unison. Specialists are in-charge of their own portfolio of stocks which range to a maximum of about 40 stocks. Specialists form alliances and advance and decline prices either in tandem in Sector Funds or with their timings that are offset. It can be seen that the advances or declines of stocks in any particular Sector in unison are staggered by days or weeks. This shows that the Speciaists are in collusion with one another. The patterns of the stocks in Sector Funds can be used to predict the other stocks in the same fund.


The Dow Jones Industrial Average or DJIA is an aggregate of the net stock value change of top 30 industrial companies listed in it. The DJIA is nothing but a bait to signal the masses to stampede in and out of the market. They do it by the employment of a Divisor to inflate the value of DJIA. The current value of the DJIA Divisor is 0.12283402. Even if the true aggregate of the DJIA is say +10, which is not a large number, by using the divisor, the current value of which is, 0.1228, the inflated value of the DJIA as splashed in the media will be +10 / 0.1228 = + 81.4 . A 10 point real change in DJIA is shown to be the adjusted 81 point change in the evening news. So how different is the stock market from the Dog Races ? Not much. The bait for the dogs is the adjusted DJIA for the people. The objective being to create a euphoric or fear-mongering mechanism to induce people to jump and act by their emotions.


In the market, winning is everything.

We show all the techniques that zero-in on the target - to win. From 'Big Block Activity' to Short term and Long term 'Charts' to 'Volume' to National and World 'News' to 'Market Happenings' to 'Specialist Behavior' to 'Strategic Play' - all are intimately co-related. Last but not the least, Strategic Play, can make you win under any circumstances, even under certain defeat. Of course, defeat is out of the queston if you understand where we are coming from. We don't recommend the use of any Computer Programs because it keeps you ignorant and at the mercy of the programs. We urge you to know and understand the market and be the master of your own destiny.

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